About BlackWidow Biz

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Mission Statement
In 2007 Bridget was jokingly given the name BlackWidow by her close friends; earned during the course of a very trying divorce.  That nickname, however, remained with her for years, eventually being called "The BlackWidow" by friends, family, peers and even her employees!  This nickname slowly evolved into a persona which symbolizes a strong, confident and sexy woman...who also exhibits just enough edge to keep life interesting.

The inception of BlackWidow Biz came to fruition when both founders saw a need within the clothing industry for women who want not only comfort in their active wear options, but also gear that will compliment their curves.  We are quite proud of our urban designs and hope you enjoy the way they compliment your own sexy shape.

Vision Statement
A vision statement is an aspirational description of what an organization would like to accomplish in the long term; it's our big picture dream.

The BlackWidow Biz vision is to become the most recognized brand in the world.

Values are the operating philosophies or principles that guide an organization's internal conduct, as well as its relationship with its customers and partners.

The BlackWidow Biz values are: Strength, Quality, Integrity, Tenacity, Confidence, Sexiness, & Edge