My First Skate Bearing Necklace

The story of the BlackWidow Biz skate bearing necklace is a story about Derby Love that turned into True Love. During the spring of 2015, E. Wrecked met Eva Anarchy at an Aurora 88’s scrimmage. I had been working with the 88’s Ref Crew for a few years at this point and Eva was new to the league; she was a Skater with a different league and was making the transition over to the zebra world. We became friends, but didn’t go on our first date until October 2015 at The Art of Derby (an art show organized by derby people featuring derby themed artwork). We went out on a few more dates after that and then started seeing each other more often. As the holidays approached, we spent more days together than apart. Christmas was fast approaching and I had a couple ideas for gifts for Eva, so I had to get busy!

Being involved in derby for a few years, I noticed derby people wearing different variations of a skate bearing necklace – some were bought online, some were homemade, and some were gifts from a Derby Wife. I had never seen one with a gem in the middle though. So I got to work! I had a stack of retired Bionic Swiss skate bearings that I held onto for spares, I bought an ugly necklace at a department store (the pendant was ugly, but the black leather cord and lobster claw clasp were perfect), and two pairs of different sized Cubic Zirconia earrings. I cleaned a couple of my retired bearings, dismantled the store necklace, and took apart the earrings to get the stones. Then I figured out how to set the stone in the bearing, took part of a keychain to make the link to hold the pendant, and strung it on the cord. I found a nice box to finish it off! Now I had something rad to give to my girlfriend. When I gave Eva the necklace, she instantly loved it and still wears it the most out of any other necklaces that she owns.

My business partner saw a picture of the necklace, said it was dope, and that we needed to add it to the BlackWidow Biz product line. So, we searched for different components to make a bunch of them, created the Player (glass stone) and Pimp (CZ stone) versions, brought a rack of them to RollerCon 2016, and they sold out! The necklace I made for Eva (pictured here) is truly one of a kind in the same way that she is one of a kind; she owns the original BlackWidow Skate Bearing Necklace, No.1. The necklaces my partner and I made for RollerCon were a very close spinoff of the original and classy as hell. I enjoy making each pendant by hand and then seeing the reaction in a Skater’s face when they purchase one from us. This necklace is a piece of wearable art that anyone in the derby world will recognize, but civilians also appreciate the razzle dazzle of a sparkly stone matched with metal adorning a strong athlete. To see our current stock of BlackWidow Biz Skate Bearing Necklaces, please visit the Products page to view our different options.  - E. Wrecked

Note: You may notice that the bearing in the picture does not include the cage to hold the bearings in place. This specific bearing just happened to be perfectly balanced and assembled so that the ball bearings remain intact. I’ve had bearings fall apart in my hand once I remove the cage, so we do NOT recommend removing the cage of a BlackWidow Biz Skate Bearing Necklace as it may affect the integrity of the bearing (i.e. the middle of the pendant could possibly fall out if you remove the cage). For information on cleaning your necklace, please refer to the Products page.